(Video) My Bathroom Sink Stinks

March 23rd 2015
(Video) My Bathroom Sink Stinks



Q:  We live in a 60-year-old house.  Recently, we noticed a nasty odour coming from our bathroom sink.  It seems to be just this one sink drain.  I have used baking soda, and a few over-the-counter drain products, with no luck.  Can you tell me what is causing this and what can we do?




A:  When many homeowners have this problem, they also try all manner of cleaners and remedies.  Unfortunately, products like drain cleaners produce a reaction in the sink trap that removes the shiny slippery surface on the inside of the plastic (ABS) plumbing pipes.  This allows sink residue to cling to the edges and cause an odour.


Remove and replace the plumbing trap from the sink basket strainer/tail piece to the outfall plumbing drain and include the trap in the replacement.


NOTE:  If the plumbing pipe is copper, follow the same instructions and replace with ABS plastic.


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