(Video) Maintaining Your Home Drainage System

February 17th 2016
(Video) Maintaining Your Home Drainage System


The rainy season has arrived in the Lower Mainland, this is causing more inquiries to our office this year related to moisture in homes, specifically in basements and crawlspaces.

The best way to keep moisture out of your home is to have a working drainage system.  Weeping or drain tile is a perforated plastic or PVC pipe that surrounds the foundation of a home. It sits in a bed of gravel. This allows excess groundwater to seep into it. This water is channelled to a sump pump, or the sanitary sewer system, or the storm water sewer system, depending on the age of the home. Some homes built in older neighbourhoods do not have weeping tile. This may not be a concern if other drainage elements like gutters, lot grading, etc. are in good condition.  Installing or repairing weeping tile can be costly but necessary in some cases.  For example, weeping tile that is collapsed or clogged by debris should be repaired to prevent damage to the foundation and basement walls. You should seek professional advice from a qualified drainage contractor before making any decisions.

Proper drainage helps to:

  • Reduce the amount of water flowing to your home’s sewer system and to the main sewer system, and lessen the risk of sewer backup
  • Reduce water seepage into your home through basement windows and cracks in your basement walls.
  • Keep the moisture content of the soil around and under your house stable to reduce the chances of cracking and shifting. If water collects next to your basement, it can make its way to the footings that support the basement walls. The increased moisture may cause the footings to heave or settle.

Maintaining Your Home Drainage System

Don’t wait until there’s water in your basement before taking action. It’s good idea to evaluate the condition of your home’s drainage system – inside and out. If you find a problem, don’t put off the repairs. Consider most flooding on private property is caused by a home drainage issue. Follow these simple steps to prevent the danger of flooding. If you are unsure of what to do yourself, there are companies that specialize in Drainage Systems who can help.

Here is a video of Shell speaking with drainage expert Bob Wilde from Drain Rock...