(Video) I Need New Gutters

October 28th 2015
(Video) I Need New Gutters


Q: With the rainy winter season approaching we think we plan to install new gutters on our house. We are concerned about leaves and debris as we have several trees on our property. Any suggestions?


A: When you are considering the various gutter options available you definitely want to be mindful as to how you are going to control leaves and debris entering your gutters  or downspout system.

Gutters and downspouts perform a function of funneling water down and away from your foundation or basement walls. An gutter system is a main line of defense in protecting a house from the harsh elements of rain, snow and ice. They should be kept free of leaves and other debris to ensure they are doing the job they are meant to do. To ensure proper operation, inspect and clean gutters and downspouts at least twice a year.

Safety Note: When using ladders always ensure that you use “ladder stand offs” for safe usage. Ladder stand offs are an accessory to hold the ladder steady and away from the gutters preventing damage to the gutter.

There are several leaf and debris control systems that filter leaves and debris from entering your downspout.

Standard gutters have a 2 inch or 2x3 inch size opening at the top of the down pipe. Fast flow “V” shaped funnels can be installed to enlarge the opening two to four times larger. This allows for a higher flow rate which is a good thing as the faster the water drains, the more debris it can carry through the downpipes.

Drain Guards: These are installed in the downpipe about three feet above the ground and are designed to catch the last small debris pieces and allow the water to run through into the drain. They are easily cleaned by simply sliding out the basket and removing the small pieces of debris. As it is only three feet above ground level, people of all ages and abilities can easily clean it out without the need to use a ladder.

Here is a video of Shell talking more about the Drain Guard...





Here is a video of Shell installing the Drain Guard...