(Video) How To Repair RV Roof

August 12th 2015
(Video) How To Repair RV Roof



Q.  I have a question for you regarding a rubber coating for roofs of campers. We have a older camper and the roof has a few leaks in it. Two of the leaks are around the roof vents and another that I believe could be from a pin hole around the screws. I have heard there is some kind of rubber coating product, do you know anything about this and where I can get it?



Hi Julie,

A.   An Elastomeric coating such as Cloverdale Paint's Towerthon product would be ideal for your RV roof to fill in hairline cracks as well as provide a waterproof barrier.

To begin, prepare your roof, by cleaning the surface with my Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula and rinse well. Caulk holes and cracks greater than 1/16 inch. Apply Elastomeric Coating using a heavy nap roller and brush.

Temperture must be 10 Degrees Celsius (50F)or warmer as well as dry in order to do this.

All products are available at Cloverdale Paint Stores & their Authorized Dealers, including Windsor Plywood Stores.