(Video) How To Repair Leaking Vinyl Deck

June 16th 2015
(Video) How To Repair Leaking Vinyl Deck



Q:  I have an above-ground deck half over my garage and half over the driveway.  The deck has a torch down covering with stamped concrete on top.


The problem is that the deck leaks at the seam where it meets the stucco side of the house.


It is a slow leak, but I do not want to end up having damage to the stucco.


I have put caulking along the seam; it sticks well to the stucco, but not the concrete.  I there a better product I can use?




A:  It sounds as though the contractor did not install a metal counter flashing when the deck was built.


A 90 degree metal counter flashing could have been cut into the stucco and placed under the concrete decking to give the best water seal.


You might still be able to have a flashing installed by a professional service trade.


In the meantime, you may want to try a polyurethane caulking, which will stick to both types of surfaces.  LePage Quad-max would be a good choice.


NOTE:  Do not use torch down roofing membrane under concrete; always use Duradek Tiledek)


Here is a video of Shell speaking with Kevin MacMillan from Duradek about their products, including Tiledek.