(Video) How To Cool Your Home Using Furnace Fan

June 30th 2017
(Video) How To Cool Your Home Using Furnace Fan

Q. Shell I hope you can help. I know you can’t have your cake and eat it too but our home is very hot now that the warm weather has arrived. Having air conditioning installed is out of the question but is there something else I can do to cool our living area down to gain some form of comfort?

Jo-Anne, North Delta


A. Yes I can offer an option that does not mean adding air cooling air conditioning. Close all your windows, window coverings and doors. NOW, does your home have a furnace with a switch that can turn on the summer fan? If “yes” TURN IT ON and leave it on. That is the first step, 2nd shut off the pilot light on the furnace burner and 3rd leave the front panel off the furnace. Now the blower is able to move the cooler air from the basement or crawl space up into the living area of your home via the ducting system.

Note: this will not work as well if your furnace is on the main floor.

Now to correct the problem that causes the heat gain within the house as a system. Picture in your mind the inner area of the roof cavity with the exposed insulation. With the sun beating down on the roof (asphalt, cedar or tile) the roof cavity gets very hot by convection from the outside roofing material. The high temperature heats up the insulation and the drywall on the inside of your living cavity radiating down to the area you are trying to cool. Now the next most important step; remove the attic access panel from the ceiling. It may be in a hallway or a closet. If in a closet leave the closet door open. This allows the movement from the furnace fan to blow the air up through the duct system and to escape through the attic access hole and out through the roof venting system. This allows the home and roof cavity to cool down with air flow from the basement or crawl space. Now, enjoy your summer weather.