(Video) How To Clean Stucco

November 12th 2015
(Video) How To Clean Stucco


Stucco is one of the most common exterior finishes used in both commercial and residential applications. Stucco has been used for decades by contractors, due to its cost effectiveness, and when professionally applied, a variety of textures can be toweled to give a desired appearance.

Although Stucco has many bonuses, it can be difficult to maintain, and keep looking its best. Cement, limestone, plaster, and other aggregate materials of which stucco is made, are very porous, and can be prone to dust and dirt settling in crevices, cracks and small pits within the finish. Also depending on the amount of moisture surrounding your homes environment, algae, and spores can build up on your stucco, leading to blemishes and seemingly permanent discoloration of the surface. Also due to the fact that Stucco is a dense and hard material, over time, as temperature fluctuations occur, your home shifts, or settles, stucco can crack, or chip, making it quite unsightly and difficult to repair.

Making your stucco look new again, can be a lot easier then you think. All you need are the right products. In recent years “Elastomeric Coatings” have become very popular when refurbishing your stucco.

An Elastomeric coating is an internally plasticized product that coats your stucco, filling in hairline cracks and small pits and pores which can collect airborne dust particles and form breeding grounds for algae and water mould spores.

The internally plasticized elastic polymers within the product allow it to bridge cracks permanently, and assure the product to stretch as the stucco moves, preventing new cracks from compromising the elastic surface coating.

Elastomeric Coatings are available in several different Custom colors, and are not only waterproof, preventing moisture and driving rain from penetrating the exterior of your home, they’re also breathable, which means that moisture can escape from within your wall cavity, allowing the coating to maintain solid adhesion, and prevent substrate damage, which may otherwise result from moisture entrapment.

Towerthon is an elastomeric coating manufactured by Cloverdale Paint, and is engineered to coat and protect materials such as concrete, masonry, brick and stucco.

Towerthon features all of the benefits of other elastomeric coatings mentioned earlier, but also contains added features such as, anti mildew fungicides which discourage growth of algae and mildew, giving double protection to your walls. Also, and perhaps most important as we continue to employ greener building practices- Towerthon is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) product, and is formulated without any lead, mercury, asbestos or formaldehyde, making it safe to apply, and for your family.

What about warranties? Towerthon is warranted against peeling, blistering, excessive chalking and above ground water penetration from rain, provided the product is applied to specifications and on-site inspection, guaranteeing you a beautiful finish that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Before applying an elastomeric coating, you must prepare the surface to assure maximum adhesion and longevity of the finish.

The exterior of the home should be cleaned thoroughly with dirt, and algae removed before the application.

We recommend using Shell Busey’s Home Cleaning Formula, which was specifically designed to clean aggregate surfaces such as stone, concrete and stucco.

Start by wetting the stucco surface with a garden sprayer (do not use a pressure washer as it can often cause more damage than good.) Mix a ratio of 3 level lids of powdered cleaning formula, into 3 gallons of water. Once the solution is mixed, spray on the wall and scrub the stucco with a stiff bristled brush, and rinse. If the stucco is still dirty, or green from algae, repeat the process scrubbing those trouble areas with a wire brush.

Here is a short video demonstrating the entire cleaning process, and see for yourself just how effective Shell Busey’s home cleaning formula is at cleaning stucco and concrete...




Elastomeric coatings are somewhat “do it yourself” friendly, but do involve some moderate to intense labour to apply properly. If you’d like a professionally applied coating on your home, CHIC Liquid Vinyl is a great company that services most of Western Canada. For more on CHIC Liquid Vinyl, call The Housesmart Home Services Referral Network at 604.542.2236.



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