(Video) Get Ducts And Furnace Serviced After Renovation

July 20th 2015
(Video) Get Ducts And Furnace Serviced After Renovation


Q:  We are adding two new rooms to the back of our home this summer.  This will be completed by fall.  I am wondering if I should get the furnace ducts cleaned when we have finished the renovation.  A friend indicated that cleaning the ducts may cause more harm than good, and that the furnace filter will take care of any excess dust.  What is your advice?


A:  Any renovation will cause dust and other air-borne particles to circulate and enter the heating ducts.  Yes, I would get the ducts cleaned after your renovation, and I suggest having the furnace serviced at the same time.  The process of cleaning ducts will not cause harm to the furnace ducting or to the operation of the furnace.

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Here is Shell speaking with Andrew Littlejohn from Alpha Duct & Carpet Cleaning.