(Video) Environmentally Friendly Treated Wood - Micro Pro Sienna

March 7th 2016
(Video) Environmentally Friendly Treated Wood - Micro Pro Sienna

Shell Busey interviews Jay Secord from CanWel Building Materials Group about their new product, MicroPro Sienna® treated wood.

Consumers and contractors have an exciting option in Canada for outdoor projects with MicroPro Sienna® Treated Wood. The patented MicroPro® technology used to pressure treat MicroPro Sienna results in treated wood products that are designed for use in residential and commercial environments where aesthetics and environmental standards are paramount. 

MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood can be used above or below ground and in fresh water. It offers better corrosion resistance to exterior fasteners and hardware, and it can be used in direct contact with aluminum building products above ground (For more information, see the Fastener and Hardware Information sheet). The preservative protection of MicroPro Sienna Treated Wood is backed by a residential limited warranty against fungal decay and termite attack.

Apply a weather-resistant finish
– Any exposed wood, pressure treated or not, should be protected with a high quality water repellent finish or stain with water repellent to help reduce warping, checking, and splitting. If you desire to apply a paint, stain, clear water repellent, or other finish to your preservative treated wood, we recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions and label of the finishing product. If you want to restore the weathered product to the original Sienna cedar colour, we recommend purchasing a semi-transparent water repellent stain that closely matches the original Sienna cedar colour. Before you start, we recommend you apply the finishing product to a small exposed test area before finishing the entire project to insure it provides the intended result before proceeding.

Here is a link to another video showing the features and benefits of MicroPro Sienna®