(Video) Brighten Up Unsightly Concrete

February 19th 2015
(Video) Brighten Up Unsightly Concrete

Over time, concrete may turn blotchy and black in areas especially under trees, in shaded areas and where water may be wicking up through the surface.  Using the Shell Busey Home Cleaning Formula, clean the concrete of all residuals from algae growth or stains from leaves left lying on the surface.  While the concrete is still damp from cleaning, apply a brush coat of Bonded Topping Cement mix.


To do this, mix the Bonded Topping Mix in a 20 litre plastic pail with enough water to make a very thin slurry, resembling the texture of a milkshake.  Pour out onto the damp concrete surface and brush over the entire area using a push broom, brushing up curbs and retaining walls.


Let cure for 7 days and apply a clear coat of solvent based penetrating water sealer by means of a low-pressure garden sprayer.  When fully cured, this procedure will give concrete a fresh new grey look.


If you want to change the enire look and colour of your driveway, we do have a company that can do that.  Avante Concrete can come up with a creative concrete pour, like this video from my Home Check TV Show.