(Video) Be Prepared For The Big One

February 22nd 2017
(Video) Be Prepared For The Big One

Be Prepared

It ‘s in the news again, reminding everyone yet again that we need to be aware and prepared in the event of an earthquake hitting our coastline.

Mother Nature does not phone ahead to let us know what is coming. Anytime an earthquake happens somewhere in the world we all take notice for a few days and we ask ourselves what we should do in the event that it happens to us. Some homeowners are pro-active and are ready. Others look in the phone book, in a memo pad, under the desk pad at the office for that list of items they were supposed to prepare in case of an emergency? Please print the list below out, and get all the recommended items. Don’t wait, or it may be too late.

Basic Emergency Kit:

• Water – at least two litres of water per person per day. Include small bottles that can be carried easily in case of an evacuation order

• Food that won’t spoil, such as canned food, energy bars and dried foods (remember to replace the food and water once a year)

• Manual can-opener

• Wind-up or battery-powered flashlight (and extra batteries)

• Wind-up or battery-powered radio (and extra batteries)

• First aid kit

• Special items such as prescription medications, infant formula and equipment for people with disabilities

• Extra keys for your car and house

• Some cash in smaller bills, such as $10 bills and change for payphones

• A copy of your emergency plan and contact information

• You may want to ensure you have a corded phone in your home, as most cordless phones will not work during a power outage

Please folks, pay close attention, and take heed of the following items for the safety of your family.

Turn off pilot lights during the summer months on all gas appliances that have standing pilot lights: gas fireplace inserts, furnaces, etc. This will also help you save on your gas bill.

Strap your hot water tanks to the wall with approved earthquake straps and tie-downs.

All televisions, computers, larger pictures, mirrors, and pottery should be tightly strapped down to walls and shelves.

Apply safety film to the inside of the glass on windows in bedrooms, or any other areas where you may sleep (IE family room). This will protect you from injury due to glass shattering.

Ensure all foundation anchor bolts that fasten the wood frame to the foundation are tightened. Replace any missing nuts and washers. Purchase these items from any hardware store.

Secure china and television entertainment centres to the wall.

Have brick, block and stone chimneys on older homes checked regularly for structural stability.

Mark your calendar to ensure that every 6 months you check your batteries in your smoke, fire and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure they are in good working order.

Please take the time to review the important items above.  Ensure everyone in your home knows the planned escape route from your home in case of an emergency. You should also have an escape route planned for the workplace, school and church. Also make sure your cell phone is always charged!