(Video) AskShell.com Podcast - Episode 77

December 2nd 2016
(Video) AskShell.com Podcast - Episode 77

Episode 77 of Shell Busey's AskShell.com Podcast

Bringing the information and education while answering your home improvement emails.

Question & Answer from Tony Gioventu - Executive Director for CHOA (Condominium Home Owners Association) This week's strata question is about Undisclosed Alterations.

Guest - April Lewis – Author of Lovingly Arrogant: From Chaos to Contentment

April shares her writings of her personal journey from chaos to contentment in an authentic and humorous way.  This compilation of her newspaper articles and online blogs written over a five year period includes 74 pieces artfully arranged in 13 chapters.


Woodpecker Problem

Non-Toxic Interior Finish for Log Homes

Roof Leaking

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