Vancouver Prostate Centre - Shell Busey's Story

June 14th 2018
Vancouver Prostate Centre - Shell Busey

Shell Busey's story:

I am so grateful to still be here today as a survivor of prostate cancer. And it's all thanks to the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC) and the treatment I received from Dr Goldenberg. From my early diagnosis through my treatment and out the other side to recovery, I received the very best in care. Dr Goldenberg explained my diagnosis and what my treatment options were. Having surgery was the choice I made to fix it. I am Mr Fix It after all.

Knowing the VPC has the best technology and world-class doctors meant I was confident I was in safe hands. Supporting access to cutting edge technology means that they can keep working to make more advances in prostate cancer. I hope we can all come together to support the VPC to help other men be diagnosed early and have access to the best treatment options. So like me they can enjoy a life free from prostate cancer.

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