Using Penetrol on a Pine Door

June 20th 2003
Using Penetrol on a Pine Door

Dear Shell,

My wife heard you mention on one of your programs several months ago that Penetrol could be used on an interior pine door as a finish and would also stop it from yellowing.

1. Is this correct or is there something about this product or process that we are missing?

2. Is this the right product to put on an interior door?

3. Do you put it on full strength?

4. Should you/can you varnish over top?

Thanks Shell!


Hi Gary,

Penetrol is sold as a paint (alkyd) additive but works great on a natural pine finish for doors, paneling etc. Simply apply two coats but be sure to leave at least 24 hours between coats. Once done, there is no need for another finish over top of the door.

It's Just That Easy!