Update a Concrete Patio With DIY railings and a Concrete Coating

June 19th 2009
Update a Concrete Patio With DIY railings and a Concrete Coating

Q. We are in the process of putting an aluminum roof above of our patio. We would like to install new railings around the patio with glass in between so we can have a view but shelter us from the wind. Can you tell us where we can purchase the materials for our railings.

The other question is, we want to paint the concrete slab before the new railings go up. It is a south facing patio that is concrete that has never been painted. A few cracks and not great looking but it doesn't have to look perfect. What is the easiest and most effective way to paint this outdoor concrete/cement patio so that we don't have to always repaint it in the future? Where should we buy the product?

Thank in advance for any feedback you can give me as it is very much appreciated.

A. It's best not to paint concrete since it ends up not being too resilient and will require ongoing maintenance. One option would be to use a coloured concrete stain available through Ducan or Coverdale Paint. You will have to prepare the surface with a Muriatic Acid wash to etch the surface, which is also available through Cloverdale Paint. This is an acid so be sure to read the label carefully.

Do-it-yourself railing kits are available through local Building Centres or Hardware Stores called ProBuilt DIY Aluminum Railings, which also have the glass panel options available.