Up-grading to Energy Efficient Windows

February 4th 2008
Up-grading to Energy Efficient Windows

Q. We are planning to replace a few single glaze windows this year with more efficient ones. We can't afford to do all of them at once but we would like start with the north facing windows that are very drafty. I am going to be getting quotes on the installation but first I would appreciate any advice you could give me on what I should be looking for in regards to energy efficient windows. We are also located on a busy road so we would like the new windows to help reduce some of the traffic noise in our front living room and bedrooms?

A. When replacing windows, keep in mind that the installation is just as important as the window. Choose a vinyl framed window that has substantial chambers or air cavities in the structure of the vinyl extrusion. Also, using the warm edge white super spacer product will provide you with one of the best glass spacers. Using laminated glass will help reduce the road noise and proper installation is crucial to the performance of your new windows.

Make sure that the glass includes Low Emissivity or Low E squared. Low-e (low-emissivity) windows have a clear coating on the glass to keep heat out during the summer and heat in during the winter. This is very energy efficient and reduces the heat and ultraviolet gains. Most window supply and installation services would recommend doing the entire home at the same time and will offer a payment plan. If your budget doesn't allow you to change all your windows at once, plan to install new windows in phases starting with where your family spends most of their time. Keep in mind that is like going out in the winter with a shirt on your back and a sweater on your front; your body heat will go out your back.

When retrofitting your home with window and energy efficient upgrades you may qualify for energy efficiency rebates that are available through the federal government or your utility provider. Lastly, check warranties and how long the company has been doing installations in your area.  Feel free to contact Shell Busey's Home Service Referral office for more information at 604-542-2236 or toll free 1-888-266-8806.