Turn Your Garage Into a Productive Space

August 11th 2009
Turn Your Garage Into a Productive Space

Whether you're a woodworker, mechanic, gardener or outdoor enthusiast, by the end of the summer your garage has likely become the last minute dumping ground for storage; everything from seasonal items, sports equipment, tools and unused furniture. Here are a few ways to find a home for those infrequently used items and reclaim your garage into useable space. You'll likely find that organizing its contents will save you time and earn you a little extra cash from the inevitable garage sale.

A pegboard is a garage organizer's best friend, and installing one in a convenient place like above a work bench or on a wall can help you organize the smaller items like tools and extension cords that can clutter up an area in a hurry. Hooks and shelves will also make your handy tools highly visible and more accessible than if they were stuffed in a drawer or tool box.

Baskets, bins and organizing shelves come in all shapes and sizes. Pre-made shelving kits can be found at most home supply stores like Timber Mart, Windsor PlywoodRona or Home Hardware, and can be easily adapted to fit your garage or storage area. If you're feeling really adventurous try building your own custom shelving unit out of 2x4's and laminated shelving pieces.

Never underestimate the versatility of a hook. Aside from the hooks on your trusty pegboard, you can find a hook or holder for just about anything; cordless drill holders, helmet and hat organizers, clothes hangers and eyeglass holders. My personal favorite is the Bike hook. Suspending your bikes from the ceiling will save room and keep them from falling over.

If you have a high garage ceiling, it's also a good idea to install some high shelving units for those items you may use only once in a very long while. Things like winter clothing storage, paint cans, and even toxic or hazardous chemicals are always good to store in a higher, less accessible area that's out of sight and reach of young children. There are many types of overhead storage, too. There are some that are anchored to your garage's ceiling and have adjustable verticals. There are some that can be hoisted up and down, thereby making it easier to load and unload your stored goods. Some are simply hoists to keep things like bikes, ladders, and if you're so inclined, boats off the ground and out of the way.

Give your old concrete floor a facelift. Garage Floor Coatings create a more finished look and protects against stains and tire marks. Check out the Rustolium epoxy coating kit at www.rustoleum.com.

Place a durable oil mat to protect the conctete from automobile drips.

Heating your garage - If you plan to spend time in your your garage during the winter months make it more comfortable by installing a radiant heat unit and insulating the garage door with a reflective foil insulation.  www.convectair.ca

If you think your garage cleaning task is perhaps too much for you to handle on your own, there are many organizational consultants and companies that can help you effectively achieve your goals and turn your storage area into a workspace again. Maybe you can even find room to park the car!