Trying to Clean Bathroom Tiles

May 30th 2018
Trying to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Dear Shell,

I have a problem with the tiles in my shower stall. I have tried everything on the market; Tilex, Fantastic, even those soap pads, and nothing seems to remove those pesky water streaks. I am out of ideas on what to do next. Maybe you could help?

Also, that shower stall has a plastic base, sort of rough finish on it (an anti-slip surface I guess) and again it is quite hard to clean with household products, Fantastic seems to do a better job than even the pads, but it is still not 100% clean.



Dear Eric,

Good, better, best; it never seems to fail that the way to find the best product for this job is to try them all to see what works best. My most recent success with tubs, shower doors (glass and aluminum frame), ceramic tile, ceramic grout joints, shower bases and even toilet bowls has been with a product called Pink Solution - Hard Surface Cleaner. It is a non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner. For more information about Pink Solution - Hard Surface Cleaner and where you can purchase it, visit their website.

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