Tips to Prepare Your Home for Extended Holidays

October 7th 2016
Tips to Prepare Your Home for Extended Holidays

If you're one of the lucky few going away this winter for an extended vacation, you will need take care of a few things around the home before taking off.

  1. -  Have someone check in.
  2. -  Shut off water system by turning off the pump or shutting the valve if on city water. Drain the pressure tank.
  3. -  Add 1 tbs. of vegetable oil in toilet and cover with saran wrap. Evaporation in toilets and drains can result in sewer smell.
  4. -  Force as much water as possible out of traps with a plunger. Check for traps in these locations: Kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, bathtub and/or shower drains, toilets, floor drains and maybe sump pump.
  5. -  Pour 1 tsp oil into drains. Drain in basement: punch small hole in large juice tin and let drip over drain.
  6. -  Turn hot water tank to vacation setting.
  7. -  Shut off water supply to clothes washer. Disconnect electrical supply.
  8. -  Put a litre of water in dishwasher and clothes washer.
  9. -  Shut off any outdoor faucets. Drain them by closing the inside valve and opening the outside faucet.
  10. -  Drain humidifier, which is located in the furnace.
  11. -  Leave the thermostat set at not less than 16 degrees Celsius.
  12. -  Defrost fridge, remove meats and dairy products.