Tips to Beat the Heat in the Home

July 1st 2007
Tips to Beat the Heat in the Home

Tips to cool down your home in the hot summer months:

  • - Fans use less energy than air conditioners but should only be operated when the room is occupied.
  • - Keep the pilot light off on your gas fireplace during the summer months and when it is not being used regularly.
  • - Cook using your BBQ. Operating a natural gas BBQ costs over 50 percent less than propane and does not heat up your home - saving energy used to cool your home.
  • - Suitable window coverings will improve the comfort level in your home immensely during the warm summer months and reduce energy needed to cool your home.
  • - Studies have proven that homes with fireplaces use 30% more energy than homes without fireplaces. The Fireplace Plug or Draftstopper is designed to reduce Energy lost up the chimney, from home heating & cooling, when the fireplace is not in use.
  • - Install a programmable thermostat; this will increase home comfort by maintaining a more constant temperature. Saves energy and heating costs.
  • - Dehumidistats connected to bathroom fans not only control moisture, it takes less energy to heat home as drier air heats easier than moist air.
  • - Compact fluorescent lamps use 75% less energy than incandescent lamps, last ten times longer and produce the same amount of light.
  • - If you use glass or ceramic baking dishes you can lower the baking temperature 25 degrees since these materials retain heat better than others.
  • - If purchasing an appliance look for EnerGuide label for energy consumption information.
  • - Switch to cold water when doing laundry, 85 - 90% of the energy used to wash your clothes is used to heat the water. By turning the dial to cold on your washing machine, you help the environment, save energy and money.
  • - Always, wash full loads. Choose a front load washing machine. Not only does a front loading washing machine save water, it saves energy as well. It uses about 40% less water and about 50% less energy.
  • - Hang towels and other laundry on a clothes line, if not possible and you use dryer, do all laundry the same day, this will save energy as dryer will already be hot.
  • - Install water saving showerheads in each bathroom - some models will save up to 70% of the water used, which saves water and energy needed to heat water for bathing.
  • - During the hot summer months remove the attic access panel. You can place an inexpensive furnace filter over the attic access hole to stop any insulation bits or dust from coming down into your home.
  • - Turn on the summer fan on your furnace.
  • - Try opening screened doors and/or windows BEFORE you turn on the air conditioning! For outswing window/door designs, put in either manually operated or motorized retractable screen systems.