Tips for Flood Prevention

September 30th 2015
Tips for Flood Prevention

Q: After our long hot summer season we are concerned that we may get a lot of heavy rain. We have had flooding issues in the past and would like some preventative tips before the winter season.


A:  Prevention and maintenance are the keys to reduce risks of water damage to your home and property. Checking your home and fixing any problem areas before the nasty weather sets in can save you a lot of money and worry.

Check and clear all gutters, downspouts and catch basins of leaves and other debris that can block proper drainage of water. Tighten any elbows or connections that appear to be loose and caulk and seal any areas that may lead to leaks during heavy rain.

Look at the grading around your home to be sure that water from downspouts drains away from the exterior walls. You do not want water to pool up against your home.

Check all the storm sewer grates on or near your property to be sure that they are not blocked by leaves or other debris that could prevent proper drainage to the storm sewer system.