The PNE Prize Home is Modular!

August 14th 2012
The PNE Prize Home is Modular!

For many years, I have been a spokesperson for the modular housing industry. Every year as you may be aware, the PNE has a beautiful home that is offered as grand prize at the close of the exhibition. This home is typically relocated to a distant location somewhere in BC. How was it possible to move such a large and complex home to a new site? Was the home taken apart rafter by rafter and stud by stud and rebuilt elsewhere? Of course not!


The PNE Prize Home is of modular design built routinely by Britco Structures, a member of the Manufactured Housing Association of BC, headquartered in Langley, BC.  The home’s modules are built in one of Britco Structure’s climatically controlled manufacturing plants to exacting standards. The modules are then trucked to the PNE site and placed together on a temporary foundation providing the opportunity for the general public to view these exquisite architecturally designed homes. Upon award of the prize, the modules are then separated and transported to the new location to be placed on a permanent foundation ready for the winner to move into.


While the majority of modular homes are not as elaborate as the PNE home, the concept of modular housing offers the same advantages to the typical home owner. High quality homes are built to very rigorous standards dictated by local building codes in a process overseen by the Canadian Standards Association. Homes are built in advanced manufacturing plants involving stringent timelines of construction and delivery of competitively priced homes.


Modular housing is the way of the future and the PNE has been a leader in taking full advantages of the opportunities inherent in this mode of home construction.


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