The Autocirc is an Instant Hot Water Pump System

September 14th 2007
The Autocirc is an Instant Hot Water Pump System

Q: We have to let the water run for several minutes before it gets hot enough to shower or wash dishes. Our home has a conventional 60-gallon hot water tank that is located at one end of the home in the basement and the kitchen is on the upper floor at the other end. We seem to waste a lot of water before it gets hot enough to do dishes and run the dishwasher. I am hoping there is something available, that I could add to the existing line to solve this problem? Any help you can offer us would be greatly appreciated.

A: There is an instant hot water pump system that can be installed under your kitchen sink called the Autocirc. This is an ideal solution if you have to wait more than 30-seconds for hot water to arrive at the faucet or shower farthest from your water heater. You can install the unit yourself or have a plumber do it for you. How it works is a built-in temperature sensor automatically turns the pump on when the water temperature in the pump cools down. This cool water in the hot water supply line is then pumped into the cold water line and back into the water heater. Hot water will also be available at all other faucets located on the hot water supply line between the water heater and the faucet where the Autocirc is installed. Running your faucets to wait for hot water wastes a lot of water and energy, so I would definitely check into installing one of these pumps. For more information on these units you can check out their website at

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