Thank You From BC Lions Easter Seal Society

February 10th 2015
Thank You From BC Lions Easter Seal Society

Shell Busey with Nirm Blatchford from Easter Seals


Shell Busey was thrilled to recieve a "Thank You" from Nirm Blatchford of the BC Lions Easter Seal Society in regognition of Shell Busey's Home Services support of the "Extreme Makeover" of Camp Winfield in September of 2014.  Shell and his family support BC Lions Society and the wonderful work they do for children with disabilities at the Easter Seal House in Vancouver and their camps for children.





Shell recieved this "Thank You" for helping organizing paint and materials for an "Extreme Makeover" of Easter Seals Camp Winfield location just outside of Kelowna.  Rob Ellis, Owner of Rellish Transport Services, was the organizer of the "extreme makeover".


From building and painting new picnic tables to landscaping and major renovation work on buildings and equipment, 285 volunteers and 135 companies came together to spruce up the camp winfield.





Camp Winfield is one of three Easter Seals Camps in BC. Each year they host more than 900 children and teens with mental or physical disabilities for week-long camps.


Organizers get emotional



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