Taking Care of Your Crawlspace

February 23rd 2011
Taking Care of Your Crawlspace

Q) We have a crawlspace with a cement floor. We recently had a home inspection, and he advised us to seal the crawlspace vents. He also advised us to insulate our crawlspace and increase the insulation in our attic. Which task should we take care of first? Thanks.

A) Ceiling first, second crawl space, cut a piece of foam insulation to sit in front of vents in the winter months and remove in the spring.

Crawlspaces become a forgotten area in many homes, as they are normally dark and smelly.

Here is what to do:

1- Consider installing a Humidex crawl space ventilation device to control odors and high humidity levels. You can find out more about the Humidex products and the location of a dealer near you by visiting the Humidex website or by calling their toll free number at 1-800-416-9111.

2- Wash the entire area using the Shell Busey Home cleaning formula, rinse well and allow it to dry.

3- Apply Aqua Seal concrete sealer (Available from Cloverdale Paint and Windsor Plywood Stores) to entire floor and concrete walls. Apply by puddling it out onto the floor allowing it to really seep into the concrete and rolling with a heavy nap roller, allow it to dry.

4- Apply 1 1/2" inch rigid foam insulation to all walls from the underside of the floor joists 24 inches below outside ground grade level, this has an adhesive for this application to make the job nice and easy.

5- Insulate using batt insulation and vapor barrier between joists over top of concrete foundation wall and seal with acoustical caulking. Roxul Insulation is an excellent choice for this area, available at all Building Supply Centres.

6- Apply Reflectix foil insulation to the underside of floor joists Staple to the floor joists and where ever there is a seam, be sure to tape it with the recommended tape for the Reflectix product. To locate Reflectix, call Twin Maple Marketing, the distributor of the product at 1-800-663-8898.