Sweating From Toilet Bowls

April 18th 2005
Sweating From Toilet Bowls

Dear Shell

I recently replaced the wax seal underneath the toilet bowl in our main bathroom. Since then there seems to be excessive sweating on the toilet bowl and the water is dripping onto the floor. This sweating did not occur before I replaced the old wax seal. The toilet bowl in our ensuite bath is now sweating as well which did not occur before. The ensuite is located quite close to the main bathroom. What has happened and how can I stop this excessive sweating on both toilet bowls?

Len, Coquitlam

Dear Len,

The excessive sweating from your toilet bowls is not caused from the addition of the new wax ring. It has more to do with weather changes and thus is coincidental to the timing of the new wax ring. The problem is condensation caused by high relative humidity in the bathroom. The warm moist air comes in contact with the cold china of the toilet tank and bowl and condenses causing water to form on the outside. The more the toilet is flushed the worse it will be as the water is colder with each flush. You need to exhaust the humid air out of the bathrooms after bathing and showering. The bathroom fan needs to run for a minimum of one hour after each shower or bath. The best thing to do is change your single fan switch to a dehumidistat that will turn the fan on and off automatically as needed. These are available from HouseSmart Referral at 604 542 2236.