Sun Damaged Front Door

August 29th 2016
Sun Damaged Front Door


Q:  We have a one year old metal door on our front entrance-way that has white plastic trim around the glass window.  The plastic/vinyl trim has turned yellow in the sun.  The top does not get the sun and has not discoloured.  Is there a way to clean the yellow off and anything to apply to stop it from discolouring again?



1.  All metal doors when purchased have a primer coat only unless otherwise specified.  These must be painted within six months of installation.

2. When the door is installed, the bottom and top must be sealed immediately with an exterior primer, preventing moisture from migrating into the interior of the door.

3. Plastic trim on steel doors exposed to direct sunlight will turn yellow if not painted within six months.  This is caused by the ultra violet rays of the sun.

A:  To finish steel doors (plain or with trim), first wash the door with a solution of T.S.P. or my home cleaning formula using a scotch brite pad (not steel wool).  Wash both sides and rinse well with clean water.

Remove the locking devices, select your colour and paint with an exterior urethane or best quality exterior semi gloss acrylic latex.

  Paint the edges as well as the top and bottom of the door.

It is important to use these products because if you use oil or alkyd paint it will not resist the expansion and contraction of the metal caused by the sun.  Expansion and contraction will cause the paint to crack and peel.

Once the plastic trim has been yellowed by the sun you cannot clean it.  The only remedy is to paint the door and trim.