Sub-flooring in your basement

March 19th 2000
Sub-flooring in your basement

Question from: Chris

Dear Shell,

My father-in-law has recently purchased a new home & has decided to finish the basement. He's wondering whether or not to put in a sub-floor or just put an underpad & carpet directly over the poured concrete floor. If a sub-floor is recommended, is a vapour barrier recommended & what type of sheathing is recommended, keeping in mind that he intends to put a pool table in the rec room. I've heard both arguments for & against sub floors & was wondering what a pro's advice would be. Thanks for your time.

Thanks, Chris

Dear Chris,

Yes, it is advisable to apply a sub floor membrane over the concrete, however I would also recommend you first seal the concrete with Aqua Seal, which is available at Cloverdale Paint and their authourized dealers stores, such as Windsor Plywood. Once the concrete is sealed, the best approach to this project is to use a product called Delta FL available across the country. This is a poly dimpled product which acts as a vapour barrier as well as a support for the plywood subfloor.

By preparing your basement floor properly, as detailed above, you will also have a 25% warmer floor and a basement that isn't damp and uncomfortable.

It's just that easy.

Shell Busey