Stain Removal From Granite and Marble

April 19th 2005
Stain Removal From Granite and Marble

Dear Shell,

We recently purchased a dinette suite with a table that has a round black granite top. Some lemon juice was spilled on the granite top leaving a grey stain that we cannot remove. Do you have any suggestions regarding removing it and how would we prevent the same thing happening in the future? We received no instructions on how to care for the granite top and the store that we purchased it from has been no help at all. We would appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Al, Pitt Meadows

Dear Al,

Specialty tops made of natural stone such as marble, granite, slate etc. must be sealed before being used due to the very problem that you have encountered. Contact Apex Marble and Granite for products to remove the stains and to seal the surface. Call Apex at 604 341 4592 and ask for Doug.