Spring Gardening Tips

April 21st 2011
Spring Gardening Tips

Those nice moderate temperatures have arrived in certain parts of the country and we can get out into our yards to partake in Canada's #1 hobby - gardening. Chris from Potters has put together a few tips and things to watch for this year as we all get set for another fun season of outdoor gardening.

- Lawns: Many people who live in condos and townhomes dream about having a nice lush lawn to enjoy throughout the year. Yet so many homeowners who live this dream might warn those, "Careful what you wish for" as they end up frustrated because their lawns require some maintenance. There are plenty of things you can do to boost your lawn's health after the winter that will not take too much of your time. Two of the biggest things are getting rid of the moss in your lawn and liming. Moss can be taken care of with ferrous sulphate and it's important to rake out the brown, dead moss once it's been killed. Liming raises the pH of the lawn in places where it rains for much of the year, you will generally need to lime once or twice a year. If you don't lime, you'll find your lawn won't get the nutrients it needs, even if you fertilize heavily.

- Summer Bulbs: Now is the time to buy your summer flowering bulbs. All garden centres will have great selections on dahlias, gladiolas, calla lilies, canna lilies, oriental lilies, asiatic lilies, freesias - the list goes on. You'll want to wait until the fear of frost has completely passed to plant them but for best selection, now's the time to purchase those summer flowering bulbs. When your neighbours come over to admire your six-foot high dahlias in late summer, you'll be happy you planted them nice and early!

- Clematis: If you've got a location that could use a solid climber, 2011 seems to be the year of the clematis. There's always the good old trusted varieties such as The President or Nelly Moser but this season we're seeing some fancier hybrids that look to be a lot of fun and should put on a spectacular show. One consumer line of clematis new for us this year is Raymond Evison Collection. These are showy clematis picked specially by famed nurseryman, Raymond Evison. Another neat, new clematis this year is one called "Bijou". Most of us know clematis to be tremendous climbers but Bijou is actually a shrubby clematis - growing only 30cm tall! Perfect for containers, clematis Bijou flowers from early to mid-summer and has large purpley-blue flowers.

- Organics: The exciting trend of organics continues to emerge in the Lower Mainland and now, more than ever, gardeners are choosing to grow their flowers, fruits and vegetables organically. You'll notice your local garden centres are stocking their shelves every year with more and more safe and organic products. From safe, soapy pesticides to organic tomato food, the age-old chemical pesticides and fertilizers continue to get passed over as consumers choose a safer route. When it comes to organics, it seems BC is the trend-setter and many of the organic products are actually produced.

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