Spotted and Stained Windows

March 20th 2003
Spotted and Stained Windows

Dear Shell:

The outside glass in the windows in our 5 yr old home on Nelson's North Shore are spotted and stained with something that does not come clean with Windex, Ammonia, or any other household cleaner that I have tried so far. Spring and sunny days make them look TERRIBLE. Can you help?



Dear Paula,

You could have a build up of hard water mineral stains from your local water. This can be removed by using a toilet bowl cleaner such as the one offered by Watkins Products or the Home Hardware brand.

Apply with a non-abrasive scrub pad. Follow by cleaning with Shell Busey's CV9 Window Cleaner.

Follow the instructions on both products (wear rubber gloves and safety goggles), you can find CV9 at Windsor Plywood stores.

It's Just That Easy!