Soundproofing and Insulating Ceilings

January 3rd 2018
Soundproofing and Insulating Ceilings

Dear Shell,

I have a question regarding insulation for a basement ceiling. The house is new, there is a silent floor system installed and it is now time to drywall the basement. As I plan to have two B&B units down there I'd like to create as soundproof an environment as possible. What do you suggest I use for insulation in the ceiling?


Dear Ian,

If the home is heated with a forced air furnace I would suggest that the best result would be to remove the ceiling ducts and provide heat to the basement by an alternate means i.e.: Convectair Base Convection Electric (110 or 220 volt) heaters. For information on Convectair heaters call Convectair at 1 800 463 6478. Install R-20 Batt insulation flush with the underside of the silent floor system, then apply one half-inch Donacona board (4x8 sheets), then metal acoustical channel and finally a layer of 5/8" drywall board. Apply filler, tape and then paint to finish the job.

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