Soundproofing and House Wrap

January 7th 2004
Soundproofing and House Wrap

Q. My question is whether to apply a house wrap to protect the house (the exterior wall sheathing) over the winter until the time in spring when the builder can apply stucco, that is will it benefit us now and in the future. The house is being built now and electrical wiring and some plumbing have just been installed.

I was also wondering how to provide better soundproofing between bedrooms and bathrooms that are adjacent to a family room and a living room as well as between basement bedrooms on the main level.

A. Applying the house wrap for the winter would be to your advantage and it will also act as a wind barrier.

For soundproofing, check out Roxul Safe and Sound Insulation at any Home Depot store. It has been designed specifically for your needs and has a number of other benefits as well (fire rating, etc.) Pat yourself on the back for thinking about adding this insulation now rather than waiting until the drywall is up and it's too late.