Soundproofing a Common Wall in Your Townhouse or Condo

February 27th 2007
Soundproofing a Common Wall in Your Townhouse or Condo

Q: Recently we moved into a townhouse where one of the common walls is connecting the master bedrooms, we had no idea the walls were not sound proof enough to keep the snoring out and this has become a real problem.  I must say I never thought newer buildings would be so poorly insulated on the common walls with all the products on the market today. What would be the best method of soundproofing this wall, any advice you have would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you can help us?


A: It surprises me as well William because it just doesn't make sense not to do it right when there are so many great products available today. There are a few solutions available to correct the problem. In your case I would suggest applying a Dryco product called Quiet Rock, right over the existing drywall and apply crown mouldings around the ceiling.

The other is framing out the wall over the existing drywall, followed by putting Roxul Safe & Sound insulation between the studs. It's always best to leave a dead air space between the old drywall and the insulation you are adding and then finish the wall with the sound proof drywall. This will reduce the sound transfer considerably. Estimate sound reduction with the Quiet Rock alone would be anywhere from 50% -70% STC rating. Adding the dead air space and the Roxul Safe & Sound will really maximize the sound transfer. This is the best option as long as you don't mind loosing about five inches of space in the room width.

Another method is one we use for floor soundproofing as well as media rooms and it consists of, leaving a dead air space from the sub-floor or in your case the drywall then adding the Roxul Safe & Sound insulation and installing a sound board, Donna Conna or Homasote sound board. Install acoustical channel by nailing through the sound board, for added sound control and another layer of 5/8" fireguard drywall. This would take about 6" away form the rooms width.

For more information about Quiet Rock from Dryco call them directly at 1-866-443-7926 and you contact Roxul by calling 1-800-265-6878. Also, feel free to call our HouseSmart office at 604-542-2236 for more information.