Solar Control Fabric For Existing Skylights

April 24th 2007
Solar Control Fabric For Existing Skylights

Q: Our 14-years-old rancher has two skylights in the kitchen that are approximately 2' x 4'. Every summer this area gets so warm that it becomes very uncomfortable. I am looking for a type of solar control product that could be installed on the glass to help keep the heat out but allow some light into the house. In a few years we would like to replace the skylights with more energy efficient ones but in the meantime we would like something to get us through the next few summers.

George, Richmond

A: I agree that replacing your skylights would be a good idea since they are not the most energy efficient units or they would have a double layer of low-e coating on the glass and perhaps even argon gas between the panes which would help control the suns heat. I am happy to inform you there is a solution to offer some relief from the heat; it is a solar control mesh installed on the outside of the skylight. This product can be removed if needed for easy cleaning and re-installed by most home owners. It also allows light to enter the home but at the same time keeps the heat out. The company, Newco Solar Solutions carries a number of solar control products for everything from skylights to windows and they can be reached by calling 1-800-663-4086.

I should also mention, when you buy your new skylights you may want to consider a unit that opens, especially if you don't have air conditioning to allow the heat to escape on a hot day and create air movement in the home.

Shell Busey