Smelly Washing Machine

May 28th 2018
Smelly Washing Machine

Dear Shell,

We have a musty odor in our washing machine that has been there since we moved in four years ago. The odor is not coming from the drain. It seems to be coming from inside the machine itself.

We ran a cycle using your cleaning formula with no success. We have also put
in deodorant rocks but still no success. We take our water from a lake and the water is filtered and chlorinated.

Julie and Ron


Dear Julie and Ron,

The odor in your washing machine is probably caused from detergent phosphate residual. This could be a result of something used in washing additives.

Consider running a full wash cycle using "Tang". Yes, that's correct, the Tang breakfast drink. Use the same quantity as you would normally use for detergent and if convenient, do two cycles back to back (without clothes in it of course!). Tang has proven effective in removing the smell from dishwashers too!

It's Just That Easy!