Skylight Glazing

December 17th 2000

Skylight glazing should be as thermally resistant as possible. Heat loss in winter and gain in summer is greater than that of vertical windows. Consider light reflective low-E glass to reduce overheating in the summer. Exterior awnings or reflective film are inexpensive ways to deal with summer heat.

Newco Products also has a mesh solar cover that is installed on the exterior of the skylight, which still allows light to come in but at the same time keeps the UV rays and heat out. These skylight covers are easy to install and can be removed should you need to clean your skylight at any time. For more information on the number of solar control products available visit our website at click on referral network then scroll down to, solar shading and then click on Newco Products for more information on all the products they have available, to control the sun and it's heat.

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