Sinking Patio Stones

November 10th 2010
Sinking Patio Stones

Q. I have several patio stones in my backyard, some of them have started to sink. How can I repair them to be level again with the other stones?

A. The reason that patio stones sink is from unstable or soft ground, caused by poor drainage. The way to permanently correct this is to stabilize the ground and allow the water to drain away.

1 - Remove the problem stones & all stones next to them

2 - Dig into the ground about 12 inches

3 - Fill with about 8 inches of pit run gravel and 4 inches of sand for drainage level as even as possible

4 - With a compact tamper level scrape the top layer

5 - Place patio stones back in place

6 - Lastly, use sand and broom to fill in gaps between the stones

It's Just That Easy!