Siding Choices For Our New Home

December 3rd 2002

Question from Glenn in Strathmore, Alberta -----

Dear Shell:

Our family is building a new home, and is really struggling with the exterior finish options. The benefits we’re looking for are: low/no maintenance natural look colour options. We live in southern Albert, and are thus subject to frequent high winds, some hail and intense sun, but very low humidity. We are comparing vinyl stucco, vinyl siding, wood siding and cement fibre siding. We really like the look of wood siding, but I don’t care to have the work that comes with it. Vinyl siding seems to have limited colour options, and I’ve been told it is subject to fading and distortion if darker colours are used. What about some of the solid vinyl products, and those with Styrofoam insulation backing? Cement fibre has a natural look (from the pictures) and the warranty suggests that it is durable, but what about the upkeep (I think it needs to be painted) we will have some stone, some shakes (is there a vinyl shake product that doesn’t look like a playhouse?) and some siding or stucco. Finally, you mention on one of your Q & A answers that good, better, best for windows is PVC, metal clad, and fibreglass. What makes the fibreglass so good?

Thanks for your help.



Dear Glenn,

1. Siding – good, better, best, the best siding product for your purpose would be horizontal plank Hardie Siding prepainted or prestained. The paint lasts and lasts and there is very little maintenance required. James Hardie siding has the look of wood but will not warp, split, etc. Also, James Hardie is fire-proof.

Call 1-800-942-7343 for the dealer nearest you. Also, James Hardie makes shingle siding profile as well as board and batten.

2. Fibreglass windows have a very strong frame structure and a naturally insulated frame membrane.


“Its Just That Easy”