Shower renovations

October 23rd 2000

Question from: Terry
Edmonton, AB

Dear Shell,

I'm trying to redo my basement shower. The grout on the old tile wore out and it starting leaking. I pulled out the old tile and noticed the drywall was damaged. I've pulled off the old drywall and put in new aqua board, now I'm ready to seal and put new tile in and then I want to put in those 4x8 tile sheets and seal them. Iím starting to worry that after all this work, I could still have a water leak somewhere when I turn the shower on. How do I make sure the shower won't ever leak again???

Thanks, Terry

Dear Terry,

Apply Ceramica waterproof brush on membrane over the Aqua board to ensure that you have a waterproof surface. All seams should have Ceramica fabric bridging applied using liquid Ceramica to adhere the fabric in place. Now you are ready for the sheet tile product Ceramalite or another similar product. You might want to look up the Bathfitter dealer in your area; call 1-800-892-2847. Good luck with your project.

Itís just that easy.

Shell Busey