Should we use Tarpaper or Typar House Wrap Under Stucco?

June 27th 2002

Question from Cindy in Newbrook, Alberta -----

Dear Shell,

Some confusion about Typar House Wrap. We heard on your radio program some time ago that it was not good if you are going to stucco the building and that in fact there was some lawsuits going on in B.C. Then saw the demonstration on your T.V. program and you did indicate that it was good for siding or stucco. Please clear this up as we have put on the Typar and plan to stucco, but are now considering tearing it down and replacing it with tarpaper. Extra cost and time. HELP!!!




Dear Cindy,

In B.C., any house wrap used under stucco requires a Rain Screen Strapping detail. Ever since the problems with “Wet Condos" became apparent, house wrap which is an air barrier, can only be used under vinyl siding. Please check with your local building permit office for local codes and advice in your community. Tarpaper 60 minute grade or a double layer of 30 minute grade is being used on most stucco applications here in Vancouver and always in addition to Rain Screen Strapping.

As for the TV show, unfortunately the episode you saw was an older “re-run” and since that episode was produced, experience has lead to a change in thinking and codes here in B.C.

Hope this helps.

It’s Just That Easy.

Shell Busey