Should We Build a Pre-Fab Home?

July 18th 2002

Question from Rosemary in Oro Station, Ontario -----

Dear Shell,

My husband and I have a lot and want to build a chalet type (open concept) house. We have looked at Viceroy, Royal and Quality Homes. Do you have any rating on prefab homes? Or do you know of another company we could check out. Is it cheaper to buy prefab or have it built by a contractor?

Thank you!



Dear Rosemary,

I am aware of the three companies that you mention and the National Building Code accepts homes built by each. The National Building Code is your protection after you have purchased your building permit. There is nothing inferior about pre-cut, prefab, modular homes or manufactured homes. Your decision can be based on how much you like the style and floor plan of the home and which suits you best. Good luck with your project.

Itís Just That Easy.

Shell Busey