Should I Upgrade My Insulation? I Have Wood Shavings Right Now.

June 26th 2002

Question from Andrew in Winnipeg, MB -----

Dear Shell,

Our 1000 square foot home is insulated with wood shavings. I don't believe it is adequate insulation for summer or winter. What do you recommend should be done to upgrade this insulation?




Dear Andrew,

For best results, remove your wood chips and draft-seal your ceiling (Contact Resources Canada 1-800-387-2000 for a free copy or their Air Leakage brochure).

Once youíve taken care of any air leakage, consider Roxul Mineral Fibre Insulation Minimum R-40 thickness.

Some people may elect to leave the wood chips but if they get damp they will give off a nasty odour and have been known to promote mice colonies.

Itís Just That Easy