Should I get a High Efficiency Boiler?

February 25th 2003
Should I get a High Efficiency Boiler?

Dear Shell,

I am considering replacing a 25-year old Weil - McLain H.W. boiler with a new high efficiency boiler. I have been told that my present boiler is about 65% efficient and that a new high efficiency boiler has an over 90% rating. Is this true?



Dear Chris,

Yes it is. The rising cost of energy has prompted many manufacturers to offer high efficiency heating products. The manufacturer of each brand will list an efficiency rating for each of their boilers and furnaces.

Check with your local utility, they will likely have some great information about high efficiency heating equipment and even some great ways to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. You should also check with your local utility to see whether they are offering any incentives to switch to more efficient heating systems. 

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