Shopping for a Moving Company

March 14th 2002

Today most consumers shop for price and thereís always a sale somewhere. However when you are shopping for a moving company to ship your possessions, you first want to shop for reputation and experience. The following guidelines will help you make an educated choice on what moving companies you will invite to provide estimates for relocation.

- Talk to your neighbours, friends and associates. Recommendations and insights to the local moving industry can help you rule out companies that donít live up to their advertising.

- Donít deal with any company that is not licensed. A licensed company should also be able to demonstrate that it carries workerís compensation insurance to protect the company and its customers.

- When you contact the licensing authority, ask if the company has been in good standing for several years. You donít want a company that lost its license and is now operating under a new name. Here, you need to know the names of the owner(s) to track their license history.

- Visit the local moving company office and talk to the owner. If you can only take the time to talk to an owner by phone, ask about the firms experience and client list. If the list includes corporate clients for executive relocations services, call the client contact to verify references.

- Consumers who have disputes with moving companies usually file complaints with local business bureaus or associations. Call your local Better Business Bureau to determine if the company has any outstanding complaints.

- Most reputable moving companies are members of local or national moving trade associations. Ask the mover if they are members of any associations and contact them for further information.

- Never, never, invite anyone into your home for a cost estimate until you have performed the above six steps. Donít be tempted by persuasive telemarketers with empty promises. Take the time to protect yourself, your belongings and most importantly, your family.