Shell Buseys, Building Family Days to Last

November 13th 2009
Shell Buseys, Building Family Days to Last

Each week the Vancouver Province finds out what local personalities like to do on Sundays. Recently, Shell Busey shared with readers how he spends his Sunday once he finishes his radio program.


Local home improvement guru Shell Busey is an expert with the bricks and mortar that make a house. But on Sundays after his radio show, Busey switches focus to his family and various fun activities that make his south Surrey house a home.

What's your Sundays about?

My Sundays are not just a hobby day or a fun day, but a radio day. It starts at 7 a.m., and I'm on the air at 8:30 a.m. on the Home Discovery Show which is broadcast across B.C. Then, after that, from mid-morning to the time of retiring, Sunday becomes a family day.

What are the nuts and bolts of your family day?

By mid-afternoon, our grandsons [Dawson, nine, and five-year-old Preston] come over to grandma and papa's house and Sunday becomes our spoiling time. We always have the trampoline out or in the games room, we have lots of fun and frolic with the Wii game. Sometimes we go for a car ride -- I'm a bit of a car junkie and have a collector vehicle -- or if the boys are playing a soccer game or baseball game, we'd go watch that. We also love going skating, and the boys go to the Y for swimming. It's always something that's planned ahead of time. This weekend we're taking the boys and the whole family to the [Richmond] Oval because there's public skating, and we wanted to get an opportunity to try out the venue before the Olympics.

Who's the planner in the family?

I have to say my dear wife [Frankie] and two daughters. I sometimes call them the "skonnivers." I used to say "you're skonnivin' again," meaning they're planning something and papa will be the last one to know. But I roll with the flow. When you're up against the ladies of the house, you just pretty well go with the flow.

Do you enjoy pottering about the house?

I can always find something to do. I'm a bit of a neat freak, as is Frankie. We always cherish everything we own. One of the things I've learned going on for over 45 years in this business is to respect the fact that everything requires some form of maintenance. These days, it's making sure everything is ready for winter, from shutting the water off and making sure the leaves are raked and not getting into the drains, and also that all the lawn furniture are stored properly rather than left out to the elements.

Who cooks on Sundays?

If I were to come back into this world and not get involved in houses, it would be as a chef. I love cooking but my wife will not allow me to cook in the kitchen. She says I make too much of a mess and sends me to the outdoor kitchen.  Two years ago, we put in an outdoor kitchen, and believe you me, outdoor kitchens are the move into the future. Our oldest grandson always looks forward to helping papa do the barbecuing.