Shell Busey On Canadian Contractor Website

May 26th 2016
Shell Busey On Canadian Contractor Website

Shell Busey's comment was featured on the Canadian Contractor's website talking about Contractor Referral Services.  Canadian Contractor is the independent voice of residential renovators and home builders everywhere in Canada. Published in both magazine and weekly e-newsletter formats, Canadian Contractor is dedicated to providing the building industry with information and events that lead to better building techniques and better business practices. Published since 2000, Canadian Contractor has developed growing loyalty from its readers and advertisers largely because of its straight talk on how to get the job done, how to make a fair profit, and how to have a little fun along the way.

Here is Shell's comment:

Hello Steve: I don’t want in any way to sound biased regarding contractor referral networks. However, I have been involved in and asked for advice from [many such services], i.e., The Blue ARMY, Dial One, Mr. Renovator, Mr. Build, BCAA At Home and Home 2000, to name a few. There isn’t going to be any that will survive unless they have a name brand with quality, trust and credibility.

After many years of radio and TV, I can honestly say I enjoy going into the office every day to mentor our staff and help the homeowner members of my Shell Busey “House Smart” Club with their service contractor needs. I just celebrated 20 years in the referral service and operate with a 0.5% complaint ratio. All our service trade members have to pass a criteria survey developed by myself and we spot check to insure the quality of work completed. We offer this service free to the home owner and charge the service contractor a yearly fee for our service. In closing, the contractor referral business is not that easy: All of the above-mentioned are no longer in business. I love your magazine and e-news. Keep up the great work!

Shell Busey

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