Shell Busey Marks 10 Years of Success With The HouseSmart Referral Network

December 3rd 2008
Shell Busey Marks 10 Years of Success With The HouseSmart Referral Network

Over his 25 years as a radio personality, helping people with their home concerns is second nature to Shell Busey, and whether it's a plumbing, electrical, roofing, insulation, or most any other home concern, Shell has always been able to explain how "It's Just That Easy!" to find the right solution. Shell Busey has become the most trusted and reliable home expert throughout western Canada, who people turn to for Home building and renovation advice.

In December of 1998, Shell Busey formed his HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network, recruiting only companies whose service record was second to none, who passed a stringent list of criteria that categorized them as being the best in their respective fields. This provided Shell with a dependable roster of services people could use, without going into a project or renovation blindly trusting someone without some sort of accreditation.

"If ever in doubt, call Shell Busey's HouseSmart first, and we'll arrange for the right people to do the work, giving the homeowner the peace of mind that their job is being done correctly, the first time" is how Shell Busey describes his HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network. In fact no company is able to become a member of Shell Busey's HouseSmart unless Shell would trust them to work on his own home.

It's easy in hind sight to see how well a business model like this can work in theory, but putting it into practice, and making it a successful model has been a result of hard work, dedication and perseverance. Over the last 10 years Shell Busey's HouseSmart Home Services Referral Network has grown to include over 170 different Home Service Trades and Products, throughout western Canada, as well as several companies in the lower mainland of B.C. that proudly carry the HouseSmart name, monthly publications in newspapers and industry trade magazines throughout Canada, a very effective cleaning product line, and a free online newsletter sent out to over 20,000 monthly subscribers.

This month Shell Busey has also been added to Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia. With nearly 3 million articles on the arts, geography, history, technology, as well as biographies of influential, famous and infamous people, Wikipedia is continually growing and becoming one of the most credible and accessible sources of information available online.

On Shell's Wikipedia page, you'll find a personal and professional biography , detailing many of Shells career highlights, accolades and awards, as well as the many charities and projects he has supported over the years.

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