Shell Busey Blog - Soffit Venting

April 20th 2017
Shell Busey Blog - Soffit Venting

Shell Busey's OmBuseyMan Blog - Soffit Venting: White Haven Wood Products

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Proper roof venting is critical to good construction practices and maintenance. The purpose of roof venting is to reduce temperature build-up inside the roof cavity during the summer months and to reduce fungal wood rot and other problems associated with condensation in the roof cavity during the cooler months of the year.

White Haven Wood Products manufacture their Soffit Vents in 8-foot lengths and their pricing is on a per foot basis. The vents are available in two different sizes, the most popular is the 4 inch style, this was developed to compliment 4" soffit material but is also regularly used with a 6" Tongue & Groove as well. The 6 inch Vent is the exact width as a standard 6" piece of Tongue & Groove. They stock the 4" & 6" widths in Fir, Pine and both Cedars. Call 250.803.4616 or visit for more information and ordering.