Shell Busey Blog - Re-Caulking A Bathtub

July 24th 2017
Shell Busey Blog - Re-Caulking A Bathtub

No matter the temperature outside, moisture getting into the walls and floors of your bathroom can cause major issues. At Shell Busey's Home Improvements and Renovations we want to help make sure your bathroom is mold free for years to come. One of the easiest ways to keep your bathroom dry is to maintain the caulking that provides your bathroom's defence against water.

To re-caulk the area around a bathub or shower, you must completely remove the existing caulking. Once you have removed the majority of caulking, use a silicone sealer remover to clean off any residual. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the area, allow it to dry completely before applying the new caulking or you can speed the drying process with a blow dryer.

When you are ready to caulk, fill the tub up to the overflow level and re-seal with a mildew resistant kitchen and bathroom silicone sealant. Leave water in the tub at least twelve hours, this will allow adequate time for the sealant to cure. For a cleaner job, you can use painter's tape along the walls and bathtub edge.

To prevent the black spores from forming around the bathtub, you must control the bathroom moisture and use proper ventilation. The black spores that form in and around a bathtub is caused by a lack of drying in the shower and bath after each usage. A good practice after every shower or bath is to towel the area down and leave the bathroom fan running for at least one hour. Timers or de-humidistats are a great investment for the proper operation of your bathroom fans.

It's just that easy!